Saving Your Skin

We all have been told time and again to make sure when we go out that we have sunscreen on. Usually we just roll our eyes and reply that we will apply it, but then we either forget or just ignore the warning. Being down here in the oh-so-sunny South Florida we're at an even higher risk of skin-related issues, especially with our higher than average UV exposure. Long periods of skin  exposure to the sun can lead to serious health issues later in life such as malignant melanomas and nonmelanoma skin cancer. Fortunately there are many ways to protect ourselves, starting with the most obvious: covering your skin. You can do this in the literal way by using clothing that has UV protection, or by simply using suncreen with 50+ SPF; just remember to apply it at least twenty minutes before heading out, our skin needs time to absorb it. Check out the full blog here for many more great tips and ideas!

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