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Bradley E.

" My name is Bradley and I have been a competitive runner for years, although I now focus primarily on triathlons and the seasonal marathon. I am currently earning a degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion at the Florida Atlantic University and I look to pursue a master’s degree in exercise physiology. Fitness is not just a hobby for me, I never think twice about finding the time to work out, even if it means getting up early; exercise is a large part of who I am. As a triathlete I get to eat much more often both during and after exercise, which is a huge bonus; triathletes and runners tend to eat pretty crazy, I mean, who else could justifiably consider a bottle of sugar water nutrition? I can also enjoy the lack of regret when I sit on the couch all day after a long workout because I’m, well, “recovering”. The Delray area has been great for me because it offers many beautiful places to see and train in, which is nice because of how much time I spend outdoors. It doesn’t matter what time I finish in my goals have always been pretty simple: don’t drown, don’t crash, don’t collapse; but if I do, please pause my Garmin.


Kyle S.

Hey Everyone, I’m Kyle! Growing up with two older brothers has always led me to be an active guy, I was always playing at least one sport, and usually I was “aged up” to make it easier on my parents to get us to games and practices. This led me to be pretty active throughout most of my childhood all the way through high school mainly focusing on soccer and baseball. I didn’t start running, on its own anyway, until after college when I had put more than a few extra pounds on from working two jobs and finding any excuse to avoid the gym. I actually got my first fitting from my brother Nick a few years ago at a store he was managing back in NC, and it really made a difference in the way shoes felt for me; suddenly running and being on my feet all day didn’t hurt all the time, and I started to enjoy being active again. Now that we’ve moved to Delray Beach and made this awesome city our home I can’t wait to help as many people realize what I did a few years ago: that being active can be comfortable!

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